The Nursery Nurses:

“All members of the staff team are very friendly and approachable.  They are dedicated to their work and ensure that they provide a vibrant, safe and exciting environment for children to play and learn”.
Ofsted Report 2013

Our Nursery Nurses:

We go to great lengths to recruit motivated and professional staff as they are the key to your child’s progress and development.  We invest in our staff’s personal development to ensure they receive ongoing training and update their skills.  We also have stringent procedures in place for recruiting staff.

Whilst Ofsted guidelines state a minimum of 50% of staff should be qualified, we exceed this and aim to employ up to 80% of staff qualified to NVQ Level 3 or above, with the remaining 20% either trainees (working towards their NVQ Level 3) or unqualified staff who have a wealth of experience looking after children. We enjoy a low staff turnover at nursery and have a keyworker for each child who completes your child’s Learning Journey and Tracker in each room.